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Online “chatting” is the preferred method of more than 40 percent* of people for consumer to business communications

Give your customers want they want with MACC’s LiveChat functionality. Easily applied to your current website, LiveChat allows your team to interact live with your customers or to use a programmed “bot” to answer questions afterhours.

For current customers using chat, transcripts of all interactions are tied to the account.

LiveChat’s bot can be a salesperson who works 24/7 as potential new customers can be directed to an online application to subscribe at a time of convenience for them.


Six more benefits delivered by LiveChat

Increase sales
Live chatting will speed up your customer service and positively impact your sales. Use LiveChat to assist your visitors exactly when they need it. This means more purchases and a higher average order value.
Cut costs
One live chat agent can talk with several customers at a time and still retain the same high customer satisfaction rates. This added efficiency will reduce your overall spend on customer service.
Boost your credibility
Adding LiveChat to your website adds credibility. Your visitors will instantly know there are real people on the other side ready to help at any moment.
Solve customer problems in a flash
Instant answers in real time. LiveChat is the fastest way to help your customers. And they’ll feel it, too.
Build stronger relationships

Live chat is a personal, non-intrusive form of contact. You’ll be able to connect better with your customers and build their trust. And that trust will fuel your business over time.

Make your customers happier

Customers who chat are much more satisfied with a brand’s customer service than those who email or call. Reach a customer satisfaction (CSAT) score as high as 97%!

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*2023 Forrester Research

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