MACC delivers success through exceptional people, products, and service

Key Facts about MACC

MACC is a billing solutions company providing customer management and financial software, plus a variety of data processing, statement printing, and fulfillment services for communications companies that offer voice, video, wireless, and data services. We help our clients manage their customers, products, and services so they have the information they need to make the best possible business decisions.

Why choose MACC?

Unmatched customer care through a multi-level support system

More than 45 years of experience and a growing clientbase of 350+ telecom companies

A billing model perfectly suited for today’s telecom industry

Our products are developed using open architecture so they are flexible to integrate with hardware and software from other vendors

MACC’s platform is scalable for use by telecom companies of all sizes

Two product updates are scheduled each year, plus extra enhancements when needed to meet regulatory requirements

A consolidated CABS billing option that simplifies payments from inter-exchange carriers

A dedicated conversion team assures your company of a smooth transition to MACC’s platform

Unique marketing and technology services unavailable from any other billing system vendor

MACC Client Experiences

Executive Management

Brian Thomas Picture

Brian Thomas
Executive Vice President

Joelle Kesling, Director of Client Services

Joelle Kesling
Director of Sales & Marketing

Steve Turner, Director of Billilng Services

Steve Turner
Director of Billing Services

Tom Goduto, Director of Information Services

Tom Goduto
Director of Research & Development


MACC was founded in 1975 as a division of the Blair Telephone Company.


Our corporate offices are in Blair, Nebraska, nestled in the rolling hills along the Missouri River. We are located in the Omaha, Nebraska metropolitan area.


200 employees with approximately 40% of those dedicated to customer support.


MACC currently serves more than 350 telecommunication companies in 45 states and all regions of the country.

MACC · 1-800-622-2502 · P.O. BOX 700, 111 ADMIRAL DRIVE, BLAIR, NE 68008

MACC · 1-800-622-2502
BLAIR, NE 68008