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MACC has an overall awesome performance! Customer Master is very easy to maneuver and it has more than one way to get into something.

Shelly Wydock
Ironton Telephone
Coplay, Pennsylvania

MACC programs work well for our needs! We have phone, internet, cable tv, satellite internet, and special circuits. We’re able to have good information and notes on all accounts. It’s also exceptional we can access equipment and addresses in a search. We are very happy that our techs have so much information right on the service order.

Judy Copp
Hawkeye Telephone Company
Hawkeye, Iowa

I appreciate MACC and that you listen to your customers.

Roxanne White
Everly, Iowa

Everyone at MACC has been committed to help in every way.

Janet McFarland
Fairview, Utah

We were drawn to MACC by their products’ ease of use, the functionality they deliver and the available customer support. A telephone company’s billing and accounting records are at the core of its business. We needed a BSS/OSS solution that provides easy retrieval of these records to be responsive to our customers and regulators. After spending a great deal of time evaluating vendors, we found MACC could meet our requirements.

In terms of the conversion process, MACC provided very detailed training and our project manager stayed in constant contact to ensure the process moved forward successfully. If we had questions during the conversion, they were answered quickly. Plus, the conversion team stayed in contact with us during the first billing process to make sure everything was working correctly.

MACC’s personnel are all very helpful when there are questions to be answered. If a MACC employee doesn’t know the answer to a question, they will do the needed research to find it.

Ray Wasden
Union Springs Telephone Company
Union Springs, Alabama

Their system is Windows based, it’s easy to use, and they have great customer service.

Carolyn Haga
Consolidated Communications

MACC is always ready to listen to the suggestions we have.

Melanie Kalar
Columbus Telephone Company
Columbus, Kansas

MACC offers an integrated solution

Our decision to choose MACC was based on our company’s growing demands on our billing system. We needed an integrated solution that included customer billing, an inventory system, point-of-sale, and accounting package in one platform. With MACC, these needs have been met, and their solution will serve our company for many years to come.

Susan Hamilton, Vice President
GTI/Grafton Telephone Company
Grafton, Illinois

MACC made the NLAD transition a painless process

The Customer Master upgrade with the NLAD module couldn’t have come at a better time. I used it to submit my NLAD file for scrubbing and it came back error free. The people at MACC did a great job to get the upgrade implemented. I have been dreading the task of preparing for the NLAD for months, but MACC made the process painless.

Suzanne Reed, Billing Supervisor
UniTel, Inc.
Unity, Maine

On gaining a better understanding of Customer Master

Since the training, our staff has eliminated unnecessary steps and employees now have a better understanding of the big picture of Customer Master.

April Simmons, Office Manager
Wiggins Telephone Association
Wiggins, Colorado

Comments from a new MACC client

Thanks so much for all of your help and support this past week. I’m so impressed by the staff at MACC. You all are great!

Adam Haas, General Manager
Warm Springs Telecom
Warm Springs, Oregon

Why we chose MACC

We’ve been using MACC’s Customer Master for three years. After reviewing software from other companies, we chose Customer Master, because of the program’s ease of use, the overall fit to our company, and our previous experience with MACC’s great customer service.

Linda Peterson, Chief Financial Officer
Emily Cooperative Telephone Company
Emily, Minnesota

MACC’s employees are easy to work with

If you’re looking for a company to provide CABS processing services, I highly recommend MACC. They have on-staff experts with decades of experience. I know the bills and reports they produce are accurate. MACC has added a new online tool called AccessMart which allows me to easily create my own customized reports. AccessMart has made my job much easier.

Most importantly, MACC’s employees are easy to work with and very responsive to my needs. We consider MACC employees our friends, not just another vendor.

Jim Lyon, General Manager
Mark Twain Rural Telephone Company
Hurdland, Missouri

MACC gets the job done right

There are many companies providing billing software today, but probably very few of them can match the expertise and commitment of the MACC team in not only getting the job done, but getting it right. MACC’s support staff is always available to respond to questions or concerns.

The telecommunications industry, with its interconnected providers and facilities, has become extremely complex and MACC has set up its software and systems to accommodate this complexity.

Vera Landstrom, Regulatory Director
Sacred Wind Communications
Albuquerque, New Mexico

It’s like you’re their only customer when you call

It’s like you’re their only customer that day when you call to ask a question. Seldom do we even need to receive a call back from MACC as they resolve issues so quickly. MACC offers support for everything we need.

Cheryl Castile, Office Manager
Panora Telco
Panora, Iowa

Excellent results with MACC

We’ve had excellent results with MACC’s customer service. Their three levels of customer support have really been a benefit to us. When you call MACC, they do a great job of getting you to the right person to answer your question.

Jill Madsen, Office Manager
Marne Elk Horn Telephone Company
Elk Horn, Iowa

MACC · 1-800-622-2502 · P.O. BOX 700, 111 ADMIRAL DRIVE, BLAIR, NE 68008

MACC · 1-800-622-2502
BLAIR, NE 68008