Try the MACC Challenge for a strong start to 2020

As a new year begins, we’d like to propose a challenge…the MACC Challenge. When used to their fullest potential, MACC’s products and services create opportunities to save time, reduce expenses, and generally make your job easier. Here is our challenge to you: review a list of MACC opportunities and choose one of them to implement at your company. After meeting this challenge, we are confident you will be thrilled with the results.

We’ve selected aspects of our products and services that incur no extra cost or very modest expenses compared to the results they can deliver. In many cases, your company may already be taking some of these steps or using these products, but we’ve tried to include ideas for just about everyone.

Let’s get started!

To start the MACC Challenge, review this list of opportunities and decide which one (or more) is the best fit for your company. Then, complete the form below and we’ll be in touch. Need more information? Please contact your MACC Client Relations Manager or Account Manager for guidance as they are ready to help!

Auto-Disconnect and Auto-Reconnect
Based on your delinquent notice criteria, you can arrange Customer Master to create service orders to disconnect accounts based on non-payment or reconnect based on payment. This is available with some set up in Customer Master and training from a MACC Training Conversion Analyst.

Make your customer communications easier than ever before with AutoPilot! Through this affordable MACC service, we’ll create beautiful, HTML-based emails containing important information for your customers. We’ll then install the emails in Customer Master for automatic distribution based on pre-determined trigger points. Reduce delinquent customers, boost customer engagement, and more with AutoPilot.

Customer Master/Accounting Master Refunds Interface
Having to refund a customer is rarely a good event, so spend as little time as possible on the activity thanks to the CM/AM Refunds Interface. When a customer is entitled to a refund, you can have Customer Master automatically zero-out the customer’s account balance and send the corresponding information over to Accounting Master for a check to be processed.

MACC Mobile
Cut down on truck rolls and give your techs the flexibility of working from the field without having to carry printed Service Orders or Trouble Tickets with them. Using their internet-connected device, your techs will be able to view their Inbox, the Scheduler, clear trouble tickets, complete Service Order Stages, and add Comments. In addition, they can add AM Inventory or Equipment through the Service Order.

Paperless Push
Getting more of your customers to use paperless billing in conjunction with eBill or ACH is one of the easiest ways to boost your bottom line. The industry average for paperless adoption is 24 percent. If you don’t have at least 24 percent of your customers using paperless bills, contact us today for no or low-cost ideas to boost adoption. You’ll save trees and money in the form of significant postage savings.

PiE Review
With a Partner in Efficiency (PiE!) review, one of our experts will review how you’re using our products and then offer recommendations for improvements. It doesn’t stop there though! We’ll send an expert to your office to implement agreed upon changes and provide one-on-one training with your team. Clients who have been through a PiE review found the results to be “delicious.”

Service Order Templates
Templates can make it easy for you to apply a “profile” to a new tier. For example, if you have a basic telephone tier, you can establish the common information about basic telephone, and then apply the template for USPs, OCCs, Carrier, Toll Code, and Custom information to be applied to that new network.

Write Offs
Here is another opportunity to reduce time spent on customers who aren’t paying! When an account-holder fails to pay their bill, and you are ready to move that account balance off of your current balances, the Write Off system is available to manage the process. The system can be used to auto-generate OCCs to zero-out the account balance, and move the balance to a separate Write Off system where it can be tracked. The system will allow you to take payments on those write off balances, run reports, and more. For even greater efficiency, use the Account Mass Write-Off tool. The system will find accounts that do not qualify based on open service orders, OCCs, or other criteria. It is a huge time-saver!

Did we miss something?
Is there another MACC service you’ve been thinking about using, or some other area of your business process you feel needs a tune-up? If so, use the form below and let us know. We’d love to work together to solve your challenges and make your life at work easier!!

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