General Sessions

Accounting Master Tips + Tricks: Come and learn some of the easy and efficient tips on the Accounting Master side of things. From little insights to efficiency options, fun for the whole crowd. 

 Cool Happenings in R & D: Get stoked to learn about some of the new features the Research and Development team has been working on in 2023.  We’ll talk about integrations, APIs, new product features, and more. 

 Client Central: There are so many useful tools for you on Client Central, and we want to take a session to show you all you have available.  Please join us because we promise you will learn things that will save you time (and money)! 

 Customer Bill Format: New Updates to Client Options Bill Format. 

 Customer Master Tips + Tricks: The session everyone talks about is back again.  Come get tips on all the things you need to know in Customer Master from our knowledgeable experts. 

Customer Peer Session: Your peer companies are going to talk to you about successes they have had using MACC products and services.  These people understand all you go through on a daily basis, because they go through it too – so join them to learn about what they have done to improve productivity. 

eDataMaster:  Stop looking for data!  We can tell you where it is!! During this session, we will show you all the reporting options you have with our Web Reporting, Dashboard / Executive Dashboard, and eDataMaster. 

Mapping: Join us in this session to hear about the latest MACC has to offer regarding mapping.  We’ve heard your requests and are working hard to insure your needs are being met – and we want your continued input as well!  

 MACC Mobile: Learn about the efficiencies available to you and your techs in MACC Mobile, from Inbox options on the CM side to Inventory excitement on the AM side. 

MSaaS – go to the cloud!:  Stop by this session to learn about the pros of moving to our hosted solution.  No more worrying about cyber threats, ransomware threats, or any threats at all to your data.  We may have a special guest or two to explain how they’ve been successful in beating cyber-attacks. 

SmartVx:  A brand new way to communicate with your customers!  Customize a video to welcome new customers, encourage customers to sign up for on-line or auto-pays, and more.  And when we say customize … we mean with YOUR logo, and YOUR CUSTOMER’s name!  It’s a fun and exciting way to communicate and we can’t wait to show you. 

Additional Education Opportunities (Paid Training)

Paid Training Registration

Accounting Master + Customer Master Importer Tool: Have large data updates for addresses in Customer Master? Need to add a multitude of new Work Orders to Accounting Master for new projects? This session will show you how to get large amounts of data into the software quickly using the Import tool in both Accounting Master and Customer Master. 

All About Messenger + Scheduling: Let us help you coordinate your communication with customers using the Messenger Suite, and along with that we can keep your employees on track with a discussion of the Scheduler in Customer Master. (Or at least try to keep them on track?) 

Customizing Financial Reporting: We will go over editing, updating, and setting up reports in the Financial Report Wizard as well as options in the Financial Report Viewer in Accounting Master. 

Delinquents: An overview of the delinquency system in Customer Master, where you can create listings, print notices, and apply penalties to past due accounts. 

Inventory Processing: This session will teach you the all about the processing side of Accounting Master’s Inventory Module with a focus on Manual Transactions, Batch Posting, and Reports. 

Mini Jump Start: This class is designed to give new employees an overview of Customer Master and provide seasoned employees a refresher on functionality not being used today.

Complimentary Training

Billing Cycle Processing Best Practices: Everything you need to know to prepare for and run your billing process in Customer Master. Beginning with bill dates, we will look at the entire process all the way through reports and post-billing tools. 

Labor Distribution: Let’s talk all about the basics of Labor Distribution. Reviewing the setup and process to get payroll and clearings into the General Ledger. 

Paymentus Process and Implementation: We’ll discuss with you the setup of the new Paymentus Credit Card option as well as walk through the process flow. 

Purchasing Module: You’ll learn possibly more than you want to know about the Purchasing module in this class. We’ll go over the basics or Ordering, Receiving, Reconciling your purchase orders along with other options. 

Service Order – Beginning to End: Following a service order through Customer Master from the initial steps of creating the order to technicians working it in MACC Mobile and back into the office for the last step of bill review and pushing that Apply button. 

Web Reporting: This session will help you understand the options available in the Web Reporting features of MACC. Get a look at some of the reports at your fingertips along with the Dashboard and reporting templates. 

Web Self-Care: See what Web Self-Care can do for your customers in this session.  We’ll discuss how this can help both you and your customers with more insight on their services and options to upgrade and make payments all online.