MBTC Training Classes

At this year’s MBTC, there are eight training classes available at no extra charge, plus nine classes with hands-on training for additional education opportunities for a modest added fee. Each class is taught by MACC’s expert trainers so you will be learning from the best. When you’re done, your co-workers WILL SEE YOU as an expert on MACC’s products and you’ll have the ability to do more work in less time.

You MUST be registered for the conference to attend paid training classes.

Complimentary Training Courses

Billing Cycle Processing Best Practices: Everything you need to know to prepare for and run your billing process in Customer Master. Beginning with bill dates, we will look at the entire process all the way through reports and post-billing tools. 

Labor Distribution: Let’s talk all about the basics of Labor Distribution. Reviewing the setup and process to get payroll and clearings into the General Ledger. 

Paymentus Process and Implementation: We’ll discuss with you the setup of the new Paymentus Credit Card option as well as walk through the process flow. 

Purchasing Module: You’ll learn possibly more than you want to know about the Purchasing module in this class. We’ll go over the basics or Ordering, Receiving, Reconciling your purchase orders along with other options. 

Service Order – Beginning to End: Following a service order through Customer Master from the initial steps of creating the order to technicians working it in MACC Mobile and back into the office for the last step of bill review and pushing that Apply button. 

Web Reporting: This session will help you understand the options available in the Web Reporting features of MACC. Get a look at some of the reports at your fingertips along with the Dashboard and reporting templates. 

Web Self-Care: See what Web Self-Care can do for your customers in this session.  We’ll discuss how this can help both you and your customers with more insight on their services and options to upgrade and make payments all online. 

These classes are hands-on and available for an additional $189 per attendee. If you haven’t already, register you and your team today!

Accounting Master + Customer Master Importer Tool: Have large data updates for addresses in Customer Master? Need to add a multitude of new Work Orders to Accounting Master for new projects? This session will show you how to get large amounts of data into the software quickly using the Import tool in both Accounting Master and Customer Master. 

All About Messenger + Scheduling: Let us help you coordinate your communication with customers using the Messenger Suite, and along with that we can keep your employees on track with a discussion of the Scheduler in Customer Master. (Or at least try to keep them on track?) 

Customizing Financial Reporting: We will go over editing, updating, and setting up reports in the Financial Report Wizard as well as options in the Financial Report Viewer in Accounting Master. 

Delinquents: An overview of the delinquency system in Customer Master, where you can create listings, print notices, and apply penalties to past due accounts. 

Inventory Processing: This session will teach you the all about the processing side of Accounting Master’s Inventory Module with a focus on Manual Transactions, Batch Posting, and Reports. 

Mini Jump Start: This class is designed to give new employees an overview of Customer Master and provide seasoned employees a refresher on functionality not being used today.

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