MACC Mobile cuts down on truck rolls and fuel costs

MACC Mobile gives your techs (and anyone else) all the information they need to do their jobs while they’re in the field. This cuts down on trips back to the office and allows for more efficient scheduling. With fewer miles driven, you can see a healthier bottom line thanks to MACC Mobile.

More MACC Mobile benefits

  • Techs can close out their own tickets to save CSRs time
  • Account information is always available to help close the sale
  • Work schedules can be viewed and hours logged remotely
  • You can even conduct inventory using a smartphone
  • Much, much more!

Here is what one of your peers says about MACC Mobile

“MACC Mobile is very user friendly and easy to use, there are no paper tickets so our technicians do not have to come back to the office to pick them up and this allows for the quicker service times,” staff said. “And the technicians close their own tickets so it also saves time for the CSRs.”
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-WTC Communications, Wilton, Iowa

More reasons to consider MACC Mobile

Account details on the go

Account details on the go

Customer data is at your employees’ fingertips with MACC Mobile. This efficiency boosting feature gives employees in the field access to account details, trouble tickets, plant data and their schedule. You can reduce paperwork and truck rolls, plus decrease response times to customer requests. All of these benefits add up to a leaner, more profitable company.

Better inventory control

Better inventory control

When combined with our accounting system, MACC Mobile makes inventory easier and lets more employees become involved as it only requires a mobile device to use. This feature is a time and money-saver! A great example is giving technicians the ability to check-out equipment as it is installed in your customers’ homes simply using their smartphone. Work effort is reduced and the accuracy of your inventory records is increased.

Easier payroll

Easier payroll

The payroll process is easier for your employees and managers with MACC Mobile. It features web access to our payroll system that allows labor to easily be tracked wherever your team goes. MACC Mobile eliminates the need for a centralized time clock or cumbersome spreadsheets. Instead, it gives your employees a customizable web-interface with which they can enter the time they’ve worked, assign labor to a general ledger number, request time off and send messages to their manager.

MACC Mobile

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