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BSS/OSS Solutions

At MACC, we realize efficiency is the key to profitability in today’s telecommunications industry. For this reason, the solutions we offer for your billing/operational support (BSS/OSS) needs are filled with bright ideas to deliver the efficiency your company needs. Our BSS/OSS solution is called Customer Master and it’s used by more than 200 telecommunications companies across the United States.

Its key features include:

  • Integration between your billing, accounting, inventory and plant management systems
  • Converged billing with quadruple play bundles
  • Complete control of the sales process at your retail locations
  • Open architecture that allows for easy integration with your existing middleware
  • Two product updates each year to ensure we continually meet the needs of the industry
  • Support for wireless operations

Customer Master Modules and Additional Features

• Accounting Integration
• Advanced Staging
• Bill Print Image
• Bill for non-traditional services
• Capital Credits
• Carrier Billing
• Contract Management
• Credit Bureau
• Custom Reports
• Custom User Options
• Directory
• eBill (EBPP)
• Equipment Manager
• E-Rate
• Facilities Management
• Inquiry Search
• MACC Mobile
• Metered Broadband
• Online Help
• Receivables
• Security Audit
• Service Order
• Service Provisioning
• Text (SMS) Payments
• Track upgrades
• Trouble Reporting
• User Options
• Video/Internet Audit
• Web Self-Care
• Workflow Management

Current Clients – visit the Customer Master Support Page

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