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AccessMart is MACC’s web-based revenue assurance and reporting tool. This innovative service allows telecom companies to easily track CABS usage and revenue trends via an on-line portal. Both short-term and long-term trends can be analyzed to ensure your company receives the carrier access revenue it’s due. This service makes the manual record keeping of CABS data unnecessary and frees up staff time for other objectives.

Username and Password Submittal Form
To use AccessMart, you’ll need a username and password. MACC allows you to select this login information. Use the form you see below to submit a username and password. Once we receive your information, it typically takes one business day to activate your AccessMart account. If you have any questions regarding this process, contact our CABS revenue assurance team at macccabsrevenueassurance@maccnet.com or 402-426-6222.

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