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Video Success Stories

Benefits of MACC's switch provisioning
Benefits of switch provisioning
Melany Bloom, from Wahkiakum West, describes the benefits her company has experienced after it started to use MACC’s switch provisioning service. Watch the video

Benefits of MACC's Reporting Features
Benefits of MACC’s Reporting Features
Harlan Municipal Utilities’ Lexie Hagle explains how she uses reporting functionality in Customer Master, MACC’s BSS/OSS, to find the customer data she needs. Watch the video
Benefits of the TV Everywhere Interface
Benefits of MACC’s TV Everywhere Interface
Bob Jennings, from Algona Municipal Utilities, explains how MACC helps his organization offer TV Everywhere to its customers. Watch the video

Benefits of MACC Mobile for inventory
Benefits of using MACC Mobile for Inventory
Next-Tech’s Robert Wiltfong provides insight on his company’s use of MACC Mobile in conjunction with Accounting Master to meet its inventory needs. Watch the video


More Success Stories

eDataMaster Deluxe delivers fast access to your billing reports
Enjoy faster access to billing data and maybe save a few bucks too with eDataMaster Deluxe. This online service gives you access to your company’s billing reports as soon as you approve billing for the month. Iowa-based LNE Communications upgraded to eDataMaster Deluxe for billing and CABS reports. The company found the service reduced shipping costs by $38 per month, but it gained much more in convenience.
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De-stress disconnect days with AutoPilot
MACC’s AutoPilot can make disconnect day easier. How much easier? With approximately five minutes of work, Hawkeye Telephone Company reported its disconnections were reduced by 66 percent after it started using AutoPilot to send e-mails to customers whose accounts were about to become delinquent.
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Peoples Telephone Cooperative boosts productivity with CRM
When we find a company doing an outstanding job using our products to their fullest extent, we love to share! For this success story, we want to highlight Peoples Telephone Cooperative’s use of Customer Master’s CRM (Client Relationship Management) feature. The Texas-based company uses CRM in six different ways to boost productivity with more ideas in the works.
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CASSCOMM’s paperless push saves trees and much more
“I would tell anyone interested in pushing paperless billing to go for it.”

This advice comes from Casey French, Director of Marketing and PR for Illinois-based CASSCOMM. He led a recent paperless push at his company to increase paperless billing adoption to above 20 percent and save the company more than $11,000 per year in postage costs.
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PiE is a recipe for efficiency
MACC cooked up a fresh slice of PiE for Ntec and the recipe turned out to be quite a hit. In fact, as Laura Gullickson, the Wisconsin company’s CFO and Office Manager, explained, our PiE turned out to be “the best investment Ntec has made in MACC so far.”

So…what kind of PiE are we talking about here?
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A slice of PiE can really brighten your days
“I found there were more efficient ways to do many of the processes that I was doing and these steps save me a great deal of time.”

These are the words used by Emily Hoyt to describe the benefits of using MACC’s Partner in Efficiency (PiE) program. She is the Office Manager at Scranton Telephone Company, in Scranton, Iowa.
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Two MACC clients collaborate to make a great team
“One of the things about a great team is that the whole exceeds the sum of its partners.”

This quote by author Tracy Hickman accurately sums up an on-going collaboration between COLTONTEL and MONITOR TELECOM. Since January of 2016, these Oregon-based MACC clients have shared their resources for the betterment of both companies. Read the rest of the story

Less is more with MACC Mobile
Less can be more with MACC Mobile and a company using this philosophy to become more organized and efficient is WTC Communications. The Wilton, Iowa based telecom uses MACC Mobile to eliminate paper tickets, reduce truck rolls, and increase customer satisfaction through quicker response times for service. Read the rest of the story

Give your company a little push
Sometimes it’s just a little push that can turn a good plan into a great success. For Peoples Telephone Cooperative, that little push came in the form of our Suggestive Marketing feature. The Texas-based company used the feature for a high-speed Internet promotion that delivered results far exceeding expectations. Read the rest of the story

Eliminate sticky notes with CRM
If you’re a big fan of sticky notes…you may want to stop reading. But if you’re looking to add efficiency and make life easier in your office, then read our Success Story on the use of our BSS/OSS solution’s Client Relationship Management (CRM) Module. Read the rest of the story

Making a change for the better with help from MACC
Change can be good. In the case of La Jicarita Rural Telephone Cooperative (La Jicarita), the change was a restructuring of the information in the database that powers the company. The new structure resulted in greater convenience and efficiency for La Jicarita’s employees as they serve the company’s customer base in Mora County, New Mexico. Read the rest of the story

CM 15.2 makes bundle price changes a piece of cake
Time. It’s the most valuable commodity in the world. For this reason, MACC’s product enhancements are designed to save time and work effort for our clients. A great example of a time-saving feature is the bundle rate change functionality recently added within Customer Master 15.2. If your company bundles its services, learning how to use this feature is a must-do activity. Read the rest of the story

SAM DR saves Dobson Telephone 30 hours a month in technician work effort
Are you spending too much time dealing with delinquent voice/ DSL customers? Do you have central office technicians who are juggling too many tasks? If so, your company needs to consider MACC’s Service Automation Master Disconnect/Reconnect (SAM DR).  Read the rest of the story

Cloudnet finds the perfect fit with MACC
One of MACC’s newest clients, Cloudnet, found our BSS/OSS solutions to be the perfect fit for its expanding operation. The Arizona-based company sells hosted VoIP and IT managed services to businesses across the country. Cloudnet began selling VoIP services in 2011 and now has more than 8,000 lines under contract.  Read the rest of the story

Database review streamlines CTC’s operations
by Nick Saporito, Marketing/Customer Experience Manager
For us, USF Reform was an inflection point (as it has been for many independents). We decided we were going to make it a positive instead of a negative by taking the traditional independent business model and running it through the shredder. As such, our 109 year old company has literally been rethinking everything we do…from bold corporate strategy moves, down to how we utilize Customer Master. Read the rest of the story

Haviland Telephone uses paperless billing to reduce expenses
In an effort to reduce postage expense and time spent manually processing payments, MACC gives clients the ability to offer paperless billing to their customers. One of our clients in Kansas, Haviland Telephone, successfully implemented a paperless-only billing policy to customers in communities served by the company’s high-speed wireless Internet. Read the rest of the story

MACC client improves efficiency with our Set-Top Box interface
MACC continues to develop products that make our clients more efficient. One of our latest creations, a video application interface between Customer Master and cable television set-top boxes, is reducing truck rolls and increasing customer satisfaction for Columbus Telephone Company. Read the rest of the story

Set an appointment for greater efficiency with Customer Master’s Advanced Scheduler
Regardless of the size of your company, it’s no easy task to keep track of everyone’s schedule to ensure customers receive the prompt service they expect and deserve. Fortunately, the advanced scheduler in Customer Master can help companies manage everyone’s appointments and projects. Clarence Telephone Company is a great example of a MACC client using the advanced scheduler to make its business more efficient. Read the rest of the story

Management Reports boost efficiency at Wilson Communications
MACC associates developed our eMACC Management Reports (Web Reporting) to make it easy for our clients to access the important information Customer Master can store in its database. Wilson Communications saw the potential of the Management Reports and the Kansas-based company now uses the service to save time and effort on everyday activities. Read the rest of the story

CTC turns its website into a community resource
One of the keys to having a successful website is to not only get your customers to view the site, but to keep them coming back for repeat visits. For many telecommunications companies, a great way to bring customers back to their website is to go beyond offering information on their business and create a community resource. One MACC client that has successfully adopted this approach is Cordova Telephone Cooperative (CTC) in Cordova, Alaska. Read the rest of the story

Storing attachments with accounts helps during fiber deployment
If a picture is worth a thousand words, how much is an easy to access map of a customer’s property worth when a technician is installing a new fiber optic line? At Panora Telco in Panora, Iowa, they’re finding maps and diagrams stored with clients’ accounts in Customer Master to be priceless. Read the rest of the story

Wiggins Telephone Association finds efficiency through training
Over the last year, the staff at Wiggins Telephone Association learned that a small amount of training on MACC’s software can turn into a big boost in efficiency in their office. The company’s office manager, April Simmons, found that the relatively small expense of the training was some of the best money the company has ever spent. Read the rest of the story

Wahkiakum West is poised for the future with switch activation
Wahkiakum West Telephone is a company that is proud of its history, but looking to the future as well. Six months ago the company installed switch activation to become more efficient and better positioned for future growth. Wahkiakum West is now reaping the rewards of this forward thinking. Read the rest of the story

Sacred Wind Communications’ success fulfills a promise
Sacred Wind Communications began business in 2006 with no furniture, six employees, and a promise to a community in need of communication services. Three years later, the New Mexico telecom has fulfilled its promise by offering voice and data services to a population where none were available before and is now a growing telecommunications company. Read the rest of the story