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Cloudnet finds the perfect fit with MACC

One of MACC’s newest clients, Cloudnet, found our BSS/OSS solutions to be the perfect fit for its expanding operation. The Arizona-based company sells hosted VoIP and IT managed services to businesses across the country. Cloudnet began selling VoIP services in 2011 and now has more than 8,000 lines under contract. The company is enjoying strong growth with the addition of 10 employees, a recent move into a larger office and it projects a 50% increase in revenue for 2015.

To continue its expansion, Cloudnet needed a more efficient way to bill its customers and meet its accounting needs. Finding the right solution wasn’t easy until the company found MACC.

“We had a hard time finding a solution for billing that was affordable given our current size,” said Meta Rosen, Cloudnet’s Director of Finance. “When we discovered what MACC’s BSS/OSS solution (Customer Master and Accounting Master) offered it was an easy decision.”

She said MACC’s solutions solve a number of issues relating to managing multiple databases, the monthly fees are similar to the company’s previous vendor and the price fit their budget. Additionally, Rosen said she felt MACC will work well as Cloudnet continues to grow.

MACC’s BSS/OSS solutions offer clients an integrated way to make their business more efficient. In the case of Cloudnet, Rosen said the conversion to MACC’s solutions will reduce the company’s reliance on unconnected databases for various aspects of its operation.

“We are able to streamline procedures and everyone has easy access to real time data,” Rosen said.

Cloudnet’s accounting efforts are also more efficient since the conversion to MACC. Prior to the adoption of MACC’s Accounting Master, the company used a simple accounting system better suited for a small entrepreneur. The move to Accounting Master was a significant improvement.

She said, “I like that Accounting Master uses batch processing, so I can separate data entry from posting duties. We had no way of tracking inventory previously so that module will really be invaluable to us.”

Rosen also said she was previously managing accounts receivable balances in both her accounting and billing system. With Accounting Master, the two systems are integrated to create a large boost in efficiency.

With Customer Master and Accounting Master in place, Cloudnet has plans to implement additional MACC products for even greater levels of efficiency. These plans include the adoption of MACC Mobile to give easy access to important data to Cloudnet employees working remotely. It’s also in the process of implementing MACC’s eBill solution as the ability to pay bills online has been a popular request from the company’s clients.

The benefits of MACC extend to the high-level of support offered to our clients and this commitment is something already experienced by Cloudnet.

“The MACC team has been great,” she said. “We had a ton of data to convert and many questions about how to set up our systems. The staff is always willing to help or find someone who can. Plus, we never have to wait long for a reply. I think just about everyone offered to come out to Arizona this winter to help if needed!”

Rosen said companies looking for a BSS/OSS vendor that successfully integrates data, provides a scalable solution and features outstanding support should strongly consider MACC.

“Their solution was the right choice for us and we look forward to a long relationship,” she said.

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