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CM 15.2 makes bundle price changes a piece of cake

Time. It’s the most valuable commodity in the world. For this reason, MACC’s product enhancements are designed to save time and work effort for our clients. A great example of a time-saving feature is the bundle rate change functionality recently added within Customer Master 15.2. If your company bundles its services, learning how to use this feature is a must-do activity.

So how does the latest version of Customer Master make bundle management easier? Users now have the option to change one element’s price and then have the new value cascade to other bundles using the same USP code. What used to be a manual process is now automated, which can equal hours of reduced work effort.

One MACC client who put the new bundle functionality to good use is Cameron Communications’ Project Manager, Cindy Wilhite. She said throughout Cameron Communications’ service territory, the company offers 31 selective bundles where core service prices (phone, video, and Internet) are fixed, but customers can pick up to 10 extra features from 15 options. This creates more than 900 potential pricing options from which customers can choose.

Prior to the most recent Customer Master upgrade, Cindy said she devoted a day and a half of work effort when price changes were needed within the bundles. With the new enhancement, the job only took an hour and a half.

“Thanks to the new enhancements MACC added in Customer Master 15.2 for bundle rate changes, making updates is a piece of cake,” she said.

The enhanced bundle rate change functionality isn’t the only new feature in Customer Master 15.2 being used by Cameron Communications. Cindy said the company is using this version of Customer Master’s improved e-mail ability to send messages to customers who have set up automatic payments.

“These are good customers we may not hear from unless they have a problem, so our marketing department sends them a courtesy e-mail each month to remind them their automatic payment is complete,” she said.

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