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eDataMaster Deluxe delivers fast access to billing reports

Enjoy faster access to billing data and maybe save a few bucks too with eDataMaster Deluxe. This online service gives you access to your company’s billing reports as soon as you approve billing for the month. Iowa-based LNE Communications upgraded to eDataMaster Deluxe for billing and CABS reports. The company found the service reduced shipping costs by $38 per month, but it gained much more in convenience.

LNE Communications’ Jody Holtz said, “The biggest benefit is definitely the convenience of being able to access our billing reports immediately and not having to wait days for our billing CD to arrive.”

If you are receiving DataMaster Billing and CABS Reports on a CD each month, making the switch to eDataMaster Deluxe could deliver the same benefits to your company.

Here are a few questions to consider:
1. Do you have an extra CD burned for an accountant or consultant monthly?
2. Do you pay to have your CD shipped from MACC overnighted to arrive at your office more quickly?
3. Do you request an annual billing CD at year’s end?

eDataMaster Deluxe would eliminate all three of these scenarios. You can share your company’s login credentials with your accounting firm or consultant so they have fast access to needed financial records without needing their own CD. To speed up access, you wouldn’t need to have CDs shipped by costlier means as the information is available online. Finally, you wouldn’t need to have an annual CD produced as eDataMaster Deluxe’s reports are cumulative as each month includes the previous months’ data for the year.

The $38 each month LNE Communications is saving comes from eliminating the added cost of overnighting its billing CDs as they had done in the past. With eDataMaster Deluxe, employees simply have to login to their account to access this important information. You’d also save on the shipping charges to send the CDs to your consultants!

If your company has a manager or other employees who travel frequently, but need access to billing and CABS data, eDataMaster Deluxe is the best option to deliver needed access while they are “on the road.” One more benefit to note, with the online reports you have the option of viewing data as pdfs or in txt format.

Some folks ask if they can stop having the CDs shipped all together. We do need to continue producing them as the CDs contain copies of your customers’ monthly bills, something not available online due to data size.

If you’d like to explore and learn more about the eDataMaster Deluxe product, contact your Client Relations Manager, Account Manager, or National Sales Representative for more information.