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Eliminate sticky notes with CRM

If you’re a big fan of sticky notes…you may want to stop reading. But if you’re looking to add efficiency and make life easier in your office, then read our Success Story on the use of our BSS/OSS solution’s Client Relationship Management (CRM) Module.

CRM makes it easy to track customer contacts and activity. With the module, users instantly see a history of contacts with a customer when an account is opened. It can ensure customers receive a consistent message and allow managers to identify interaction and activity trends. As CRM is a core part of our BSS/OSS, it is available to use at no additional charge.

A company successfully using CRM is American Broadband (ABB) in Nebraska. The company has used the module since June of 2013 and is seeing great results. Dawn Hamke, ABB’s Customer Care Manager, said CRM has increased her office’s efficiency through streamlined communication and more accurate records.

“With CRM, there is no more guessing about who talked to a customer and what was said. You have all of that information on the account,” Dawn said. “There are no more sticky notes or notepads. CRM is our notepad.”

Today, Dawn said 17 ABB employees use CRM to track customer interactions. The company phased in the use of CRM gradually. Dawn said initially her customer care representatives started tracking promotion effectiveness, retention efforts, and upselling results in CRM. The following year, ABB started using CRM to track all interactions except those accounted for in other parts of the BSS/OSS, such as service orders, trouble tickets, payment arrangements, etc. To help with the company’s adoption of CRM, ABB took a class from MACC’s Training Team.

CRM has built in reports available and the information they contain is important for ABB. Each month, Dawn said she uses CRM reports for quality assurance. One example is reviewing her team’s retention and upselling activities.

“The report is a paper trail that describes what happened on each account,” she said. “It shows where success occurred and improvement is needed.”

Dawn said the end result of ABB’s use of CRM is a more productive group as activities aren’t duplicated and information is available to everyone once it’s entered into the system.

For companies on the fence about implementing CRM, Dawn said, “They’ll love it. The information tracked is so valuable. You don’t spend time tracking it down. You have it at your fingertips.”

Want to learn how MACC can eliminate sticky notes at your office?
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