A slice of PiE can really brighten your days

“I found there were more efficient ways to do many of the processes that I was doing and these steps save me a great deal of time.”

These are the words used by Emily Hoyt to describe the benefits of using MACC’s Partner in Efficiency (PiE) program. She is the Office Manager at Scranton Telephone Company, in Scranton, Iowa.

Emily had taken other MACC training in the past, but left her position for several years after her son was born. Upon her return, she wanted to start fresh with a solid, uniform foundation on MACC’s software.

Her PiE sessions covered more than a dozen areas within Customer Master and Accounting Master. She said courses on USP codes and clean-up for addresses and plant were the most helpful as they improved the accuracy of her reports. The courses also improved her skill in working with Customer Master’s various modules.

“Working in the databases and doing the clean-up with Linda (one of MACC’s Trainers), was so beneficial as I learned how to navigate in the system,” Emily said.

Something she learned that was completely new to her was the workflow process for setting-up a new customer.

“It takes me step-by-step through everything and makes it much less likely to forget something along the way,” Emily said.

Using MACC’s PiE program, companies work one-on-one with MACC’s expert trainers to identify ways Customer Master or Accounting Master can reduce employee work effort. Many times, companies aren’t using the full capabilities of our products. After a slice of PiE, companies are empowered to take complete advantage of the software in which they’ve invested.

Another efficiency the staff at Scranton gained was in the area of trouble tickets. Before the PiE, they were using hand-written tickets in the office.

“Now I am using trouble tickets in the system and it literally takes me half the time,” Emily said. “It also keeps a record of what happened in the system. If I need to look up a trouble ticket, it is much easier to find it than going through paper files.”

The program includes working directly with a company’s data and processes so it’s truly a real-world experience. The efficiencies PiE Training delivers come from increased automation, better record keeping, and a reduced reliance on paper documentation.

PiE also helped the Scranton staff better understand equipment in a network. Emily said she was using a separate spreadsheet to track this information, but after the USP code training, she is now able to use reports from Customer Master to deliver the accurate results she needs.

PiE can deliver results like these to your company as well. The program can be as specific or broad as needed. Emily went through her PiE Training at MACC’s headquarters in Blair, Nebraska, but training can also be done in your office or remotely over the phone.
For companies considering this training, Emily offered some advice.

“By all means choose PiE! I learned so much in the three days I was at MACC,” she said. “Linda, and everyone I met at MACC, was eager to help me do my job better. It didn’t even seem like work.”

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