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PiE is a recipe for efficiency

MACC cooked up a fresh slice of PiE for Ntec and the recipe turned out to be quite a hit. In fact, as Laura Gullickson, the Wisconsin company’s CFO and Office Manager, explained, our PiE turned out to be “the best investment Ntec has made in MACC so far.”

So…what kind of PiE are we talking about here?

It was a Partner in Efficiency review (PiE)! Why was it such a recipe for success? Ntec had one of our product experts, in this case Linda Lemon, a Training/Conversion Analyst II, provide structured, in-office training to ensure every employee learned valuable, time-saving skills they could use. The “in-office” aspect of Ntec’s training was crucial.

“When you go to a seminar, you write ideas down, but they don’t always get implemented when you return,” Laura said. “Having Linda here meant everything got implemented now.”

Laura knew the Ntec staff could be using Customer Master more efficiently, so she reached out to their Client Relations Manager, who made arrangements for Linda to conduct a database review. This initial database review is the first step in the PiE process and it is conducted remotely.

Laura asked Linda to pretend Ntec was a brand-new client and set everything up “right from the start.” With this request in mind, Linda identified some specific recommendations for the company, with the Ntec team prioritizing the task list. Linda’s three-day in-office session was scheduled down to the hour, to ensure the company’s goals were met and nothing was missed.

The training consisted of intensive training with individual employees. Laura said Linda worked with each person to show them how to be more efficient in their specific role. She said everyone who worked with Linda walked away with an efficiency they didn’t know existed.

“The training really helped us communicate better with technicians,” she said. “We’re using MACC Mobile, and after Linda worked with our techs, they’re now entering more information and more details are flowing into Customer Master. The training helped them understand why things need to be entered.”

All of the efficiency gained as a result of the training saved Ntec the world’s most valuable commodity: time.

“We’ve definitely seen time-savings and we learned about so many things of which we were not aware,” Laura said.

Add some kick to your company’s efficiency by scheduling your PiE review today. Contact your MACC Client Relations Manager or Account Manager to get cooking!

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