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Technical Support Team

MACC’s Technical Support team has programs to provide state-of-the-art support for the modern business environment. Our support professionals share a combined wealth of knowledge and experience you can count on to develop and maintain a technical infrastructure your company can depend upon as you serve your customers.

Knowledge and experience

Our technical support team possesses in-depth and up-to-the-minute knowledge of the wide array of Microsoft operating systems, networking systems and applications available today. Their top priority is to ensure your business technology is functioning smoothly and efficiently. This priority makes MACC’s Technical Support Service the smart way to maximize and safeguard your company’s investment in technology.

Technical Support’s services

• Support via phone and e-mail
• On-site technical analysis
• Hardware and software installation and configuration

Contact MACC’s Technical Support Team

Visit the Technical Support Team’s page on the MACC Client Pages for contact information and hours of operation.

Technical Support

MACC Application Recovery Service

Another function coordinated by our technical support team is the MACC Application Recovery Service (MARS). If disaster strikes, MARS gives you access to a secured copy of your customer and financial records which will allow you to continue to serve your community.

Here is how MARS works

When your company enrolls in MARS, MACC will automatically back up its information and transactions are updated on a daily basis. If disaster strikes and your company declares an emergency, MACC will create an environment to provide access to your MACC software and databases using any computer with an Internet connection. Access to our applications is available within 24 hours of the declaration. Once the emergency passes, we will restore the working database from our system to your company’s restored, repaired or replaced SQL server at no additional cost.

For more information on MARS, please contact your Client Relations Manager or National Sales Representative.