How to view the 19.2 Update Letters

Step One – Log-in to the Client Pages

  1. Click the button below and our Client Login page will open in a separate window.
  2. Using your company’s credentials, login to the Client Pages using the Username and Password fields. Don’t remember your credentials? Click here for assistance.
  3. Once logged-in, minimize or close the Client Login page and move on to Step Two.

Step Two – Access each Product’s Update Letter Page

  1. Once you are logged-in to the Client Pages, click on the button below to access the desired Update Letter.
  2. You will be taken to the appropriate Update Letter’s page.
  3. The 19.2 Update Letter will be labeled. Click on it to view in your browser or download in PDF format.

Version 19.2 Training Options

Take advantage of all the new features in version 19.2 of Customer Master and Accounting Master by taking “What’s New” training. Course descriptions and a registration form are available below. If you have questions, please contact your MACC Software Support Representative.

What’s New in Customer Master 19.2

Estimated length: 90 minutes Cost: $120
19.2 includes many new improvements and enhancements. During this session, we will review updates to the CRM tool, delinquents, inquiry, address auto-assigned value updates, USP code management, messenger updates, receivables updates, reports updates, write-off, and more.

There are GREAT ENHANCEMENTS in messaging –  learn how to use them with Messenger Suite Training

Estimated length: 60 minutes Cost: $80
Customer Master includes a number of notification tools that are available to use. During this session, we’ll provide you with detailed setup information regarding Service Order and Trouble Ticket inbox notifications, Trouble Ticket Escalation, Web Messenger, Delinquent Notifications, Cleared Trouble Notifications, and the Service Order Welcome Packet. Let Customer Master help you communicate both internally and with your customers!

Fill out my online form.

What’s New in Accounting Master 19.2

Estimated length: 90 minutes Cost: $120
This session will cover updates and improvements to Accounting Master. Topics will include Variable Payroll Deductions, Pay Grade Tracking, Updates to TMS including Time Clock, Inventory Manual Transaction and Report updates, and more.

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