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Training Support Team

In today’s ever-evolving industry, no one can ever stop learning. That’s why MACC has a dedicated Training Support Team. This experienced team of associates offers thorough yet flexible training, which allows our customers to take full advantage of the capabilities our software delivers. Current MACC clients can learn more about our training options and sign up for web training by visiting MACC’s Client Pages.

Classroom training (MACC University)

Our cost-effective, state-of-the-art training facility is located at our headquarters in Blair, Nebraska. Through hands-on training, students are taught the best ways to utilize our products to their fullest potential. We offer classes for both beginners and advanced users of our products. Classes are open to any employee of a MACC client, but some may require prerequisite courses.

The classes are taught by the same experienced trainers who provide the initial training to our customers. Local accommodations make your employees’ stay convenient and comfortable. We offer MACC University at different times throughout the year and special classes can be offered based on customer demand.

Onsite training

Our training staff will also travel to our customers’ locations when requested. This is often done when customers need advanced training on very specific topics within MACC’s product line-up.

Web training

MACC also offers cost-effective web training. With each new release of Customer Master, our billing and customer care BSS/OSS, web training is available to explain how to get the most out of the latest version. MACC also makes web training courses available for many other Customer and Accounting Master related products. A current list of online courses and registration information is available on our Client Pages.

Questions about MACC’s training options?

For any questions regarding MACC’s training options, please contact your MACC Client Relations or Account Manager.

Training Support