Thanks to MSaaS, MACC’s hosted solution, it is easier and less expensive than ever to convert to our products

Our hosted solution gets you up and running without prohibitive up-front costs of ownership.

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Hosted Solutions

Using today’s Internet-based hosting solutions along with MACC’s advanced experience and expertise in networking technology, our MSaaS option lets you run our industry-leading billing system and accounting software remotely and securely without sacrificing functionality.

As the enterprise host for MACC’s product suite, we provide direct access via the Internet to all necessary functionality to perform comprehensive customer care, billing, and accounting services for subscribers. The simple diagram below shows the concept behind the MSaaS solution.

MACC Client Experiences

Key benefits of MSaaS

  • No up-front hardware purchase*
  • Flexible payment options
  • Expert conversion and implementation
  • Dedicated service and support
*If you have an up-to-date network and Windows-equipped workstations, it’s likely you’re ready to implement MSaaS.

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MACC · 1-800-622-2502
BLAIR, NE 68008