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What’s New at MACC?

New features and products from MACC for Spring 2020

MACC is continually adding new features to our existing products and developing new services to meet the evolving needs of the telecommunications industry. Below are brief summaries of several of the enhancements that are available this spring in the latest versions of Customer Master and Accounting Master. Together, these two products comprise the core of our billing system. For more information, please contact your National Sales Representative or Client Relations Manager. Current clients can also view Executive Summaries for Customer Master and Accounting Master on our Client Pages. Log in access is required to view these files.

Customer Master 20.1 enhancements

Communications remain a priority, as such MACC continues to improve the Messaging module with focus in the following areas:

  • Ability to send CPNI Notifications via E-mail or E-mail to Text
  • Automatically create CRM rows when messages are sent
  • Send notifications by specific Stage or Class
  • Send messages when a Service Order is completed or applied
  • Send updated Trouble Ticket Information to a tech/employee
  • Send notifications when a Service Order Stage or Trouble Stage is completed

Automate OCCs for Non-Returned Equipment and Inventory
Companies utilizing the Disconnect Wizard can automatically charge equipment fees to accounts that did not return leased equipment. In addition, companies not using the Disconnect Wizard will be able to easily identify networks with unreturned equipment from the Delinquent Notice grid and Listing Report.

Deleted Payments
A Deleted Payments node has been added to the Payment Entry screen. This node can be used to help identify Payments, Security Deposit Returns, and Write-Off payments deleted for an account. A new Deleted Payments Report was also created so users can get a list of these payments.


Accounting Master 20.1 enhancements

FMLA Tracking
Maintaining employee information is critical for companies when tracking benefits or leaves of absence. To improve maintenance of employee information, MACC added a new HR screen to the Employee Human Resources window for FMLA/Leave of Absence. This enhancement will allow companies to track employees’ FMLA/Leave of Absence. The new FMLA/Leave of Absence screen from Employee-Human Resources is reciprocal with the Employee-Compensation-Benefit Maintenance screen. This feature allows FMLA access to users with either Payroll and/or Human Resources module access.

Purchase Order Requisition Approval Improvements
The Purchase Order Requisition process is designed to notify the purchasing department of items requested, electronically routing the request form through an approval process. Several changes were made to the approval set up and PO Requisition approval process to improve efficiency. The Approval Group Maintenance has been enhanced by adding the Material Company, Purchasing Department, and Required Approval options. The Purchasing Roles screen was enhanced, promoting efficiency when establishing PO Requisition approval set up.

Purchase Order Requisition Improvement
The purchase order requisition process provides important information to those approving purchase order requests. With your feedback we continue to add valuable features to the requisition. As a result, MACC added new Preferences when working with Purchase Order Requisition. The PO Requisition was updated to include additional functionality. The Last Cost will populate for inventory items, Vendor Part No field can be included, and the Miscellaneous Charge field was added to the Item Information section.