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New features and products from MACC for Fall 2020

MACC is continually adding new features to our existing products and developing new services to meet the evolving needs of the telecommunications industry. Below are brief summaries of several of the enhancements that are available this fall in the latest versions of Customer Master and Accounting Master. Together, these two products comprise the core of our billing system. 

Customer Master 20.2 enhancements

Premise Equipment Interface
MACC’s new Premise Equipment interface provides versatility in assigning premise equipment to the customer’s address. This comprehensive and time-saving interface allows users to assign/store equipment on network addresses, pull equipment items directly from Accounting Master inventory, and provision the equipment (activate or change service) through their equipment vendor. This enhancement eliminates dual entry in multiple applications to create a seamless equipment process within Customer Master.

Enhanced Reports

Sales Lead Grid Reports: Five new Sales Lead grid reports were added to the Grid reports menu to provide better tracking and reporting in Sales Lead. These reports include Sales Lead, Sales Lead by Comments, Sales Lead by Networks, Sales Lead by Stage, and Sales Lead by USP.

Report Auto-Generation: Users can now auto-generate our very popular Grid reports. Similar to the existing list of reports in the Report Auto-Generation feature, Grid reports can be set up to automatically generate on a certain date and time, then be emailed to a desired recipient(s).

Grid Reports: Many of the Grid reports were updated to include filtering criteria. Using the new filters provides the ability to filter on only the desired criteria before viewing the selections in the grid, which can reduce the amount of data needed in the report results. This feature is especially helpful on the larger Service Order or Network grid reports with greater volumes of data.


Accounting Master 20.2 enhancements

AR Customer Inquiry
Accounts Receivable Customer information is used for sales transactions, payments, and sales reporting. Enhancements have been added to the Customer screen providing an inquiry view of a customer’s balances, invoices, and statements. A new Customer icon was added to the Sales ribbon, providing quick access to customer information. When accessed, new icons are available from the toolbar to access the selected customer’s AR Balance, AR Customer Inquiry, and Customer Statement History.

Inventory Manual Transaction Attachments
Electronic documents can now be linked to inventory transactions through the Manual Transaction screen. Similar to other attachment processes, users must first establish an EDocs Location from the Electronic Documents maintenance menu. Attachments can be added and/or viewed in the system from the Manual Transaction Screen, Inventory Transaction Search, and Inventory Transaction Listing report. Additionally, inventory transaction attachments can also be scanned and viewed via MACC Mobile.

TMS Time Clock Task Hours
MACC has enhanced Time Clock by giving users the ability to task hours to different GL account/distribution codes and edit clocked time as needed.

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