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What’s New at MACC?

New features and products from MACC for Spring 2018

MACC is continually adding new features to our existing products and developing new services to meet the evolving needs of the telecommunications industry. Below are brief summaries of several of the enhancements that are available this spring in the latest versions of Customer Master and Accounting Master. Together, these two products comprise the core of our BSS/OSS solution. For more information, please contact your National Sales Representative or Client Relations Manager. Current clients can also view Executive Summaries for Customer Master and Accounting Master on our Client Pages. Log in access is required to view these files.

Customer Master 18.1 enhancements

Sales Lead
Sales Leads are formatted in the same fashion as a service order, allowing users to collect and store as much data on a prospective customer as a company would like from the start of the sales process. Sales Leads can also be created on existing customers inquiring on additional services. A simple accept will transform the sales lead into a pending service order.

Account Templates
In the 17.1 release of Customer Master, we introduced Account Templates. In the 18.1 release, we have further expanded the functionality to allow users to link different tier templates together to create accounts. We have also added relative dates to assist users with entering correct service dates, as well as contracts, security deposits, and tier level comments.

Enhanced End User Bills
A new Extended OCC Description field has been added on all OCC screens, allowing users to add a more detailed explanation to the charge on the bill. Company preference options have also been added to print the service address of the network tier on the end user bill.


Accounting Master 18.1 enhancements

TMS Wage Reports
The TMS Wage Reports feature has been redesigned. When accessed, the page will display a contemporary and convenient summary view of each pay period. The summary will include a quick look at gross income, taxes, and elective deductions, with the resulting net wages for the period. This information is displayed via graph and text. Full details will still be accessed from the saved PDF copy of the pay statement.

MACC Mobile: Requisition Attachments
Purchase requisition attachments can now be viewed through the MACC Mobile application. This feature allows the approving manager to view vital documentation associated with the request before choosing to approve or decline it.

Import Non-Inventory Details on Purchase Order and/or Purchase Order Requisition
MACC has developed an import to accelerate the purchase order process and increase efficiency for those orders with an excessive amount of non-inventory items. The process will import a comma delimited file that fits file format requirements. File validation will be the same as entering a new non-inventory item directly from the purchasing screen.