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What’s New at MACC?

New features and products from MACC for Fall 2019

MACC is continually adding new features to our existing products and developing new services to meet the evolving needs of the telecommunications industry. Below are brief summaries of several of the enhancements that are available this fall in the latest versions of Customer Master and Accounting Master. Together, these two products comprise the core of our BSS/OSS solution. For more information, please contact your National Sales Representative or Client Relations Manager. Current clients can also view Executive Summaries for Customer Master and Accounting Master on our Client Pages. Log in access is required to view these files.

Customer Master 19.2 enhancements

To improve communications, the ability to send email-to-text notifications, delinquent notices, and scheduled appointment reminders to employees or customers is now available. More useable fields were added to Configuration Setups, as well as the ability to test a setup before it’s implemented. Welcome Packets can be sent based on Report Areas, and the creator of Scheduled Appointments can be notified when an appointment is changed or deleted.

Custom Receipts
There is value for companies in today’s industry to promote their name whenever they can. With this need for visibility in mind, the ability to add a logo on all standard receipts printed from Customer Master was added in this release. Custom Receipt Designers were developed so users can also add, or remove, certain fields currently on receipts, or design their own.

Company employees often wear many hats, and with this in mind, the ability to assign multiple departments to an employee has been included in this release of Customer Master.


Accounting Master 19.2 enhancements

Pay Grade Tracking
Maintaining employee information is beneficial for companies when reviewing employee reviews, wage increases, job roles, etc. To improve employee maintenance, MACC added a new Human Resource maintenance table for Pay Grade Tracking. This will allow companies to track wage information for specific job titles.

Variable Deduction Schedule
Previously our deduction feature assumed deductions are taken out of every check for the same amount. There are instances when scheduling certain deductions would be more efficient. MACC has enhanced the deduction functionality by allowing users to set up a deduction schedule for selected deductions. The Deduction Schedule provides companies with control of scheduling specific deductions. The Global Deduction Change tool has also been updated allowing users to Update Deductions or Suspend a deduction from being processed.

Inventory Listing Report
The Inventory Listing report is used to identify inventory items with current quantities and values for all locations. The report has been used for companies’ inventory balancing processes; often compared with the Inventory Balance report. We have enhanced the Inventory Listing report by adding a new option to calculate the results by Location Actual Value. This will allow users to run the Inventory Listing report by actual values and can be compared to the Inventory Balance report more accurately.