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New features and products from MACC for Fall 2021

MACC is continually adding new features to our existing products and developing new services to meet the evolving needs of the telecommunications industry. Below are brief summaries of several of the enhancements that are available this fall in the latest versions of Customer Master and Accounting Master. Together, these two products comprise the core of our billing system. Contact your MACC Representative for complete details on the latest enhancements.

Customer Master 21.2 enhancements

MACC is introducing an all new Scheduler module with greater flexibility to undertake meeting and appointment scheduling through a practical, convenient experience within Customer Master. The new Scheduler brings a modern look to the management of ticket-based work, which includes options to acknowledge work, drag and drop events, assign tickets across days and employees, and a variety of other exciting mobility features.

Employee Locations for MACC Mobile Users
Customer Master now has an option to flag employees for tracking purposes during their work days/hours. This tracking feature is utilized by collecting location data from a mobile device while logged into MACC Mobile.

HUBB Reporting
To accommodate FCC regulatory changes, the Address Editor, FCC HUBB Report, Address Importer, and address related Grid Reports in Customer Master have been updated to include new fields for Technology used and Latency.


Accounting Master 21.2 enhancements

Mass Reassign Check Tool
At times it may be necessary to assign a new check number to a check generated in Accounting Master. The Reassign Check Numbers Tool allows users to change the check number in the system to match the actual printed number on the check. MACC has improved this tool to a grid view format, allowing users to reassign multiple new check numbers.

Employee Schedule Tracking
This new feature allows management to track and report their employees’ work schedules. An entered Employee Schedule will display on the Employee General Info tab. The Current Employee Master and Payroll Custom Grid reports were updated with Employee Schedule selections to view employee schedule details.

Inventory Item Bundle
This new feature allows users to bundle inventory and non-inventory items together. Additionally, it provides the ability to order bundled items as a bundle, receive, and stock the bundled items separately into inventory.

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