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Billing Solutions

Our telecom billing solutions include rating, toll processing, data compilation, bill production, payment processing, and the generation of reports.

Key benefits include

  • Consolidated billing of the services required by today’s consumer
  • Accurate and efficient data processing
  • Custom bills and cycles to best meet your company’s needs
  • In-language billing for Spanish speaking customers
  • Seven forms of payment
  • Extensive reporting options
  • Easy access to bill images

Billing options for today’s telecommunications consumer
Using our billing system, Customer Master, MACC can provide a fully consolidated bill, with user-defined networks for voice, video, data, wireless, and security monitoring. Bill messages, ads, and inserts, which are fully controlled by our clients, are also available to assist in marketing efforts.

Mediation/rating/message processing
MACC is experienced at collecting data from nearly every device from most of the major national vendors, such as Nortel, Siemens, and AT&T. MACC is proficient in receiving and handling AMA, EMI, CDR, and Detail or Summary Category 11 records. MACC receives standard (LSSGR) AMA records recorded at the company’s switch, and industry standard EMI records received from other sources. MACC’s experienced associates can also manipulate a variety of non-standard file formats to accommodate the requirements of our system.

Custom statements and cycles
We offer custom statements with contents tailored to your needs. We also support multiple bill cycles. MACC provides bill insert development, management, printing, and storage for our clients.

In-language bills for Spanish-speaking customers
Get in-language bills for your Spanish-speaking customers by simply flagging them at the Account tier in Customer Master.

Convenient payment options
Providing easy and convenient payment options to your customers ensures more flexibility for them and reliability for you. Along with traditional cash and check payments, MACC gives your company the ability to receive five additional types of payments:

  • ACH payments
  • Credit cards
  • eBill – online payments
  • ezPost – automated ACH payments
  • Mobile Pay – payment via text message

A wealth of reporting options
MACC makes it easy to access monthly billing records and all of the information stored in Customer Master with a wide variety of reporting options. From hundreds of standard reports to completely customizable ad-hoc queries, our clients can access the information they need quickly and conveniently. Reports can be exported for use in Microsoft Excel and many of our marketing and revenue reports can even be exported as graphics for use in presentations.

Easy access to bill images
Each bill MACC produces for our clients is available in Adobe PDF format. This makes it easy to access past bills when needed for customer requests.

Strict adherence to all CPNI regulations
Our products and processes have built-in features to assist your staff in maintaining CPNI compliance in all customer interactions.

MACC Client Experiences

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