MACC’s Billing Fulfillment Center provides the most efficient and cost effective way to print your customers’ monthly bills

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Fulfillment Services

MACC prints more than 750,000 statements each month. With this volume, MACC saves our clients money thanks to the efficiency of our printing process and the cost-savings of purchasing paper and toner in large quantities.

Key benefits include

  • Cost effective printing solutions
  • Print stream option for companies with in-house printing capabilities
  • Multiple bill formats, including large print and Spanish versions
  • On-bill ads and bill inserts for effective statement-based advertising
  • The ability to send five inserts each month to targeted customers
  • Extensive reporting options

Bill printing options to meet your needs
MACC’s billing solutions give you the ability to print your bills in-house, or you can utilize our printing facility located within in our corporate headquarters in Blair, Nebraska.

MACC’s printing solutions
MACC’s high-speed printers and monthly processes are a cost effective way to produce your company’s statements. We take care of everything for our clients, from ensuring there is enough toner to print the month’s statements to storing the envelopes, MACC eliminates the hassle of printing statements in-house and allows your employees to focus on more profitable activities. Thanks to our proven bill production process, we make your bills available for review and approval before any printing takes place. Once the bills are produced, we make them available as PDF files for future review.

In-house option
For companies with their own print facilities, a convenient AFP print stream can be delivered from our operations center to your network for local printing. PDF files can also be made available for use by your company

Bill formats to meet your needs
MACC offers several bill formats to best suit the needs of your company and customers. With our bills, you can advertise bundled savings, deliver personal messages to individual customers, and even send statements with large print to visually impaired customers. Bills can also be sent in Spanish.

Targeted bill inserts
MACC gives you the ability to send your customers up to five inserts per month in your bills. The inserts can be set up within Customer Master, our billing system, to go to targeted groups of your customers. To save money on printing and shipping, MACC’s Creative Services Team can print and store bill inserts for your company. Finally, if your company uses MACC’s eBill online payment solution, your inserts are automatically placed online for viewing by your customers.

MACC Client Experiences

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MACC · 1-800-622-2502
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