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Integration with Calix’s solutions delivers efficiencies

Fewer truck rolls (60 percent!), easier disconnect days, and an empowered tech support team are some of the benefits California-based Varcomm is enjoying thanks to the company’s integration between Customer Master and solutions from Calix.

The integration is made possible through application interfaces developed by MACC which deliver key information and prompts for action between Customer Master and Calix’s C7 Multiservice Access System, Support Cloud, and Marketing Cloud. The company has been using its interfaces since 2019.

Jenifer Vellucci, Varcomm’s Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer said, “We have saved countless man hours by using all of the interfaces.”

She said the C7 interface allows the Varcomm front-office team to disconnect customers for non-payment without the need for assistance from a technician. Once payment is made, the service is automatically reconnected. No technician or truck roll required.

The interface to Calix’s Support Cloud and Marketing Cloud brings its own set of benefits. Jenifer said having the interface helps the company maintain accurate data in its two cloud databases used for troubleshooting, reporting, and marketing.

“Our 24/7 tech support can see all the data they need and most of the time have the customer up and running without a truck roll,” she said. “I would say our truck rolls are down 60% or more.”

As with all MACC interfaces, only the data required by Calix’s products to complete the needed process is shared. All other information remains securely stored within Customer Master’s databases.

Integration interest?
If you are currently using Calix solutions at your company without an interface to Customer Master, you are missing out on a wide range of potential cost-savings and efficiencies. For more information on these integrations, please contact your MACC representative.

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