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Reports boost efficiency at Wilson Communications

MACC associates developed our eMACC Management Reports (Web Reporting) to make it easy for our clients to access the important information Customer Master can store in its database. Wilson Communications saw the potential of the Management Reports and the Kansas-based company now uses the service to save time and effort on everyday activities.

Our Management Reports put a wealth of information at our clients’ fingertips. The service is completely web-based and connects directly to a company’s Customer Master database using a secure connection. Reports can be ran based on USP codes, account numbers and other critical identifiers to see customer and revenue trends like never before.

Mary Zorn, Wilson Communications’ Customer Service Manager, said the company has been using Management Reports since April of 2009 and five to six employees use the service each month. She uses Management Reports to track which services customers are using. Specifically, she uses marketing, ePay Toolkit, toll and ad hoc reports. The ad hoc report was created to illustrate the number of customers using a particular speed of DSL. The ad hoc feature allows users to develop a completely customized report to meet their individual needs without the use of separate report writing software or special expertise.

Before using Management Reports and the service’s ad hoc report, Mary’s staff entered information into a separate Microsoft Access database for reporting purposes. With the use of Management Reports, Mary said the Access database was eliminated. Without the separate database, a step was removed from the service order process the company uses for installations and changes in services. She estimates 10 minutes of work is saved for each service order and the report is quicker to create each month as well.

We were trying to get away from using separate databases to reduce our duplication of efforts,” Mary said. “The tools are there in the Management Reports and Customer Master to allow us to do that.

Management Reports also give employees who normally don’t use Customer Master the ability to use the data it contains. Wilson Communications’ Controller uses Management Reports as a source of information to troubleshoot issues and view call data records (CDRs) to verify how a call is billed. To gather this information, Management Reports for disconnects, churn networks, churn services, and CDRs for phone numbers are used.

Mary said the security features in Management Reports are also a benefit for the company. While the service makes it easy to share information contained in Customer Master, its security settings can limit access to reports if needed. Access rights are determined for each company by an employee with administrator rights for the service. Mary said this allows each Management Reports user to have access to only the report types required for his or her position.

For more information on Management Reports and other MACC solutions, be sure to contact your Client Relations Manager or National Sales Representative.

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