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Spreadsheets be gone! SAM DR saves Dobson Telephone 30 hours a month in work effort

Are you spending too much time dealing with delinquent voice/ DSL customers? Do you have central office technicians who are juggling too many tasks? If so, your company needs to consider MACC’s Service Automation Master Disconnect/Reconnect (SAM DR). It’s an interface between Customer Master and switches that empowers companies to spend less time and money handling delinquent voice/DSL customers. When fully deployed, SAM DR allows front office staff to disconnect and reconnect voice/ DSL customers from their desks without work effort on the part of the central office.

A big time saver for Dobson Telephone Company
One MACC client that successfully implemented SAM DR, and is now enjoying the time-saving benefits, is Dobson Telephone Company. The Oklahoma-based company implemented SAM DR in April of 2014. Donna Wynn, Dobson Telephone Company’s Assistant General Manager, said prior to the installation of SAM DR, the company maintained a spreadsheet with the names of delinquent customers who needed to have their voice/DSL service suspended or reconnected. This manual process forced front office staff to manually add or remove customers from the spreadsheet and the central office technician had to check the list each day for updates.

After SAM DR became available, the company’s delinquent process became much more efficient and the tasks of updating and checking a spreadsheet were immediately eliminated. While SAM DR can be configured in a variety of ways, Dobson Telephone Company’s version generates a service order from the disconnect wizard. This service order automatically suspends voice /DSL service for the delinquent account. When a payment is posted on the account, another service order is automatically generated and voice/DSL service is re-established. No manual intervention is required on the part of the central office and there is less chance of errors.

“SAM DR saves us a lot of time and improved our accuracy when suspending customers. We’ve determined we have saved at least 30 labor hours a month by implementing the automatic suspend and restore process for voice and DSL. The technicians used to go into the switch manually, and go into the DSL equipment manually, and now we’re saving lots of time. We’re very happy!” Wynn said.

Another benefit of SAM DR is the ease in which it is installed at a company, especially compared to the benefits it provides.

“There was very little set up or work effort on our part,” she said. “If your company is looking to become more efficient, SAM DR really is a time-saving product.”

Ready to spend less time on delinquent customers?
To start saving time and money at your company with SAM DR, contact your MACC Client Relations Manager or Account Manager. They can provide additional information and explain the details on how to have SAM DR implemented at your company. You can also view a special web page on SAM DR or view a presentation.

About Dobson Telephone
Dobson Telephone is a Dobson Technologies company, an Oklahoma-based, family-owned technology company that serves the needs of businesses and direct consumers across the state. They have operated in Oklahoma for over 75 years and have grown into a comprehensive technology firm that is proven, reliable, and customer-focused.

Dobson Technologies owns and operates over 2,000 miles of fiber and provides a full range of IT and Telecommunication solutions for small and medium-sized businesses. Their legacy business, Dobson Telephone, provides consumers in rural Oklahoma communities with dependable phone and Internet solutions.

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