MACC has Broadband Labels covered

MACC is delivering a robust response to the FCC’s new Broadband Labels. Our Research and Development Team completed a thorough review of the requirements and has a plan in place to ensure our clients can use our billing system to keep their companies in complete compliance.

Broadband Label functionality available today
The current version of our billing system has the capability to generate printable broadband labels based on Internet USP codes. The labels can also be sent via e-mail and are available in English and Spanish. Labels will be archived for two years. Training on the use of this functionality is available in our standard What’s New Training.

Websites labels will be available this summer
This summer, we will have web-based labels ready for use in our Web Self-Care product. Like the printable labels, they will be based on USP codes in our billing system. The labels will be available for use on external websites as well, making it easy for your customers to see the information they need.

Making a change to a USP code? Don’t worry – this will automatically be reflected on the web-based labels. We wanted to make this process as easy as possible for our clients! Like the printed/e-mail labels, these will be archived for two years.

Current MACC client? Register for What’s New Training
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Not a client? We should talk!
Delivering functionality your company needs to remain in compliance with all regulations in a timely manner is just one of the many reasons to consider MACC for your next billing vendor. If you need more out of your billing system, contact our Sales Team today to learn how MACC can help drive efficiency and make your job easier.