Texting is tops

Does your company need to improve its customer engagement?

The solution may be no further than the cell phone in your pocket. SMS text messages, you know the kind you trade with family, friends, and colleagues, deliver impressive engagement stats when used by businesses. According to Twilio, 98 percent of texts are opened, 90 percent are read within three minutes, and 45 percent receive responses. We’re still fans of e-mail, but according to Constant Contact, the current average open rate of e-mails across all industries is 34 percent.

Whether you need to deliver good news…such as your latest special offer for faster internet…or not so good news (like an outage or delinquent notice), concise text messages are the way consumers want to hear from your company. It’s not just the “kids” either. Every age group considers text-messaging as their phone’s favorite communication method.

Using MACC’s Customer Master, your company can leverage text messages in your marketing campaigns AND day-to-day communications. We can also provide helpful guidance on how to collect and receive approval to use your customers’ cell phone numbers.

If you’re a current MACC client, reach out to your Client Solutions Manager for details. Is your company looking for a billing system, robust customer engagement tools are just one of the many compelling reasons to choose MACC. Contact your Regional Sales Representative for more information and to schedule a concise demonstration of our products.