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Less is More with MACC Mobile

Less can be more with MACC Mobile and a company using this philosophy to become more organized and efficient is WTC Communications. The Wilton, Iowa based telecom uses MACC Mobile to eliminate paper tickets, reduce truck rolls, and increase customer satisfaction through quicker response times for service.

MACC Mobile gives employees access to key aspects of Customer Master and Accounting Master via any internet connected smartphone or tablet computer. The information is displayed in an easy to see and manipulate mobile format that’s perfect for busy technicians and salespersons in the field.

The WTC Communications staff said the company’s techs started using MACC Mobile in December of 2016. They use MACC Mobile for Customer Master inbox access, account inquiries, service orders, trouble tickets and plant data. MACC Mobile has reduced printing expense as the company doesn’t create physical tickets anymore and the service makes them feel much more organized overall.

“MACC Mobile is very user friendly and easy to use, there are no paper tickets so our technicians do not have to come back to the office to pick them up and this allows for the quicker service times,” the staff said. “And the technicians close their own tickets so it also saves time for the CSRs.”

For companies considering MACC Mobile, they offered a piece of advice.

“Sign up today!” they said. “It has really helped us out by giving our techs access to all customer information while they are in the field. Since they all have smartphones, they truly have access wherever they go.”

If you’d like to give your technicians and other employees this same level of convenient access to Customer Master and Accounting Master, contact your MACC Client Relations Manager, Account Manager or National Sales Representative today.

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