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A good decision…a Colorado telecom switches to MACC’s billing system for improved efficiency

A great example of a company using MACC’s billing system to improve its operation is the Nucla-Naturita Telephone Company (NNTC). The family owned and operated company was founded in 1946 in Nucla, Colorado to provide telephone service to its community. Over its 77 years in business, NNTC expanded its service territory to seven additional Colorado communities and now provides internet access using both wired and wireless technologies. The company also sells mobile phones and calling plans from its office.

Darla Joseph, NNTC’s Assistant Manager and Vice President, said, “MACC has been a very positive change for our company. We swapped over to MACC in 2019 and it was such a good decision.”

A key boost to NNTC’s efficiency has been its use of MACC’s eBill, an online bill payment solution, and the increased speed with which they can accept customer payments.

“This has been a timesaver for NNTC as we can answer calls, run a customer’s credit card, and not have to wait for the credit card machine to be vacant,” Joseph said.

Another driver of efficiency for NNTC has been its use of MACC’s solution for point-of-sale and inventory. MACC’s solution tracks the number of items available along with their associated value. This crucial inventory information is then tied directly to a company’s general ledger account balance. Barcode scanning of items is an option, and this is a feature NNTC uses to streamline the selling of wireless equipment.

“Using point-of-sale has eliminated the need to write the prices on each of the accessories,” Joseph said. “We are able to print out labels with the barcode to attach to each item and then we can scan it to let the customer know the cost.”

As being able to meet regulatory reporting requirements, including the BDC, is a crucial task for ISPs, MACC’s solution also meets this need.

“We have a better handle on our payments with MACC and more confidence in our reporting process to meet all of the necessary requirements,” Joseph said.

MACC delivers the outstanding support our clients deserve with a unique three-tiered approach to customer care. This approach ensures clients always have access to a knowledgeable member of the MACC Team if assistance is needed.

“I must add the customer service and support with MACC has far exceeded our expectations,” Joseph said. “MACC’s support team is always friendly and ready to help!”

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