MACC's billing system simplifies fiber deployments

Our billing system has powerful plant management tools and provides information to techs on the go. Combined, these features make MACC’s solution perfect for today’s growth-focused telecom industry.

MACC’s billing system, Customer Master, gives our clients the tools they need to efficiently deploy new fiber or improve existing networks. If your billing system is not delivering during this crucial time, you need to consider MACC.

Your plant team will love Customer Master
There is a dedicated facilities module in Customer Master powering all of our product’s plant capabilities.

  • Virtually any network configuration can be created in Customer Master, including the latest in fiber optic technologies.
  • Key elements are tracked for efficient Service Order and Trouble Ticket management.
  • Time saving auto-assignment is available for key plant elements, taxing jurisdictions, provisioning, and E-911.
  • There are customizable facility views to meet your company’s exact needs.
  • Open architecture allows for easy integration to mapping and provisioning systems.

MACC Mobile cuts down on truck rolls and fuel costs
MACC Mobile gives your techs (and anyone else) all the information they need to do their jobs while they’re in the field by providing access to our billing system and accounting software via connected devices. This technology cuts down on trips back to the office and allows for more efficient scheduling. With fewer miles driven, you can see a healthier bottom line thanks to MACC Mobile. Follow this link for complete information on MACC Mobile.

We’re just getting started
Our facilities module and MACC Mobile are just a few of the reasons more than 350 of your peers use MACC. Follow the links below for other key information and benefits, then check out the rest of the site. When the time is right, please reach out to our Sales Team. You will be glad you did. 

For details, see the MACC Team at the NTCA’s Fall Conference

Craig Aman

Craig Aman
President and CEO

Steve Appel

Steve Appel
National Sales Representative

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MACC · 1-800-622-2502
BLAIR, NE 68008